Each team is invited to submit a complete application over an approximate three month period, from August 1st to October 28th. Following the submission deadline, our prize administration team will spend one week reviewing each application, to ensure that it meets all of the requirements. The administrative review period ends on November 4th, when each approved application is assigned to five judges from the Evaluation Panel. While those judges are scoring and commenting upon each assigned application, three of those completed applications will be assigned to your team leader for review (starting November 4th), and your team’s responsibility is to complete a questionnaire over a five week period (by December 12th), which is designed to provide meaningful feedback to those three other teams. Your team leader will organize your team members, so that collectively your answers to the questionnaire represent your team’s most thoughtful response. Your responses to each question are intended to include constructive comments for each proposed projects and to engender a shared experience. Remember that your team’s application will also be provided to other competitors, and we ask that you offer only your most honest and value-added appraisal.

It is important for every team to understand that participation in the peer review process is mandatory. If your team completes the application but does not respond to each question for each of the three applications assigned to your team leader, then regardless of your scores or placement among the other teams, you will not be eligible for further consideration.


Please prepare to offer the following information, once your team leader has been assigned three completed applications from other competing teams:

1. Please take time to consider the Problem Statement contained in the competing team’s application (you do not need to bring any existing understanding of the challenges that the applicants are attempting to address) – do the specific challenges warrant the intended outcome of the proposed project, and what would your team recommend for improving upon the proposed project, so that it addresses the core issues identified in the Problem Statement?
(min 200 words)

2. Given the resource requirements to implement the proposed project, an important consideration is whether the level of effort will scale over time to increase the intended outcome and to sustain the project as it expands – as a fellow social entrepreneur, what is your best advice for how to improve the scalability and sustainability of the proposed project?
(min 200 words)

3. Given the project plan (and the many tasks described in the application), please take the time to consider whether the sequence of events are efficiently organized – regardless of whether you have experience delivering a similar project, what is your best counsel for improving the planning and implementation process?
(min 200 words)

4. What professional or organizational connections can you recommend to this team? (min 200 words)

5. What additional counsel can you provide to support the proposed project represented in this application? (min 200 words)

Our goals include building a community of social entrepreneurs, and we hope that by participating in this exchange you will grow your understanding of other efforts to deliver meaningful results and even meet others who might support your efforts.