As you consider REGISTERING to participate, please take time to understand the basic requirements of the competition. This website offers all of those details, including what’s in the APPLICATION, the SCORING PROCESS for assessing each team, and the identities of the JUDGES who will be responsible for scoring and commenting upon your team’s submission. We have designed the Genesis Generation Challenge to ensure that every registered team enjoys an open, transparent, and fair process of participation. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about this opportunity.


Over a total period of five months, the Genesis Generation Challenge will include many distinct phases, to ensure that every team is provided the opportunity to collaborate and compete. Each deadline depicted in this timeline has been set to ensure that the appropriate duration for the required amount of work is provided. Please consider them closely and plan your teams’ efforts accordingly.

Between August 1 and September 30, teams must REGISTER on this website. After the registration deadline, teams are provided an additional four weeks to complete their application. However, we strongly recommend that each team should begin considering the requirements of the APPLICATION as soon as possible. The total amount of time to complete the application should take approximately 1-2 months. So, we recommend starting the application process before the registration deadline.

During and immediately following the registration period, we may choose to announce new judges. We will expand the number of judges to ensure that every applicant receives no less than five reviews per submission. Those scores will be statistically normalized to ensure a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD for every team. By offering this transparent process, we seek to provide fair consideration and feedback to each team. Teams will receive both scores and comments from each of their judges, and we offer detailed descriptions of our JUDGES credentials.

Between August 1 and September 30, teams must REGISTER on this website.

Once the application deadline has passed on October 28, our administrative team will review each submission, to ensure that it is complete and meets all of the application requirements before distributing those complete applications to our judges. Then, during the course of the following five weeks, our Evaluation Panel (the first category of our Judges) will score and comment upon each assigned application using the same SCORING PROCESS. You are welcome to learn more about that process and the rubric that they will use to asses specific traits of each application.

Also, during that same five week period, team leaders will be assigned three completed applications from their fellow competitors, and each team will be tasked with providing feedback to promote knowledge sharing and community building. Teams must participate in this PEER REVIEW process, regardless of how well they might rank among the other teams, or else they will be disqualified.

The application deadline is on October 28.

Each team will be tasked with providing feedback to promote knowledge sharing and community building.

After the scores attributed to every team that completes the peer review process have been resolved, the top performing teams, a group of Finalists (10-15), will advance to the second phase of review. Our second category of judges, the Selection Committee, will review the applications and feedback provided by the Evaluation Panel and will select up to 10 winning teams.

Once the Selection Committee has determined the winners and provided feedback to each team, we will work with the winning teams to plan a formal announcement in mid-April 2015. The events leading up to the announcement may require careful coordination with the teams, and each team will be responsible for making themselves available during that planning period. Following the announcement, winners will convene for collaboration and learning and will match with a mentor.

If you have any specific questions, regarding this timeline, please contact us at: [email protected]